SUPPORT Magazine, "CONFITV" Illustrated Interview

Illustrated responses to SUPPORT Magazine's COVID-19 artist-interview project "CONFITV".

1. What do you see from where you are/from your window?

Windows are portals. People on the outside like to look inside, and people on the inside like to look outside. Here is some very curious joggers. Maybe they should look at where they're going...

2. What do you eat?

In times of confinement: anything that is within reach (it's still snowing where I'm at hence the snow in all these pictures)!

3. What do you watch?

Binturong videos (they are my favourite animal)!

4. What do you listen to?

Conch shells. I particularly enjoy the Pacific.

5. What do you dream of?

I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing during self-isolation, so much so that naturally I dream in Animal Crossing too. Here is an oarfish! I hope I catch morefish!