Everpress, "Holiday Collection: Island Delight"

Limited edition "Island Delight" sweatshirt for the Everpress Holiday Collection.

The design on the front depicts several stick insects camouflaged against foliage, adorned with batik-style motifs. The design on the back is the “answer”, revealing the placements of these elusive beings in the front design. “Play” this sweatshirt with those around you! Whether you need to fill in conversation at a family gathering this holiday season or with a date that you’re trying to impress, it is my hope that this sweatshirt would be the ultimate icebreaker for you, and bring some warmth to those around you this holiday season.

All leaves and branches have a bending bias towards the upper neckline, implying that the wearer’s head is the light source.

There are 9 stick insects in total.