Everpress, "Highlights Series: Water on an Invisible Flower"

Limited edition "Water on an Invisible Flower" t-shirt for the Everpress Highlights Series on the theme 'growth'.

A printed summer tee of faux 3D water droplets resting on an invisible flower, an underprint of a moth’s life cycle, and a looping music score, open to interpretation.

Each individual water droplet was created using 3D software. The light source comes from the top-right. Cyan-tinted shadows are cast permanently onto the garment, creating a faux 3D effect.

The music theme features all 7 core musical notes and comes complete with graphic notations for your reading and improvisational pleasure.

The underprint depicts a caterpillar that had emerged from the eggs on the lower-left leaf, leaving behind holes in the leaf and a visible trail amongst the droplets as the insect crawls to the upper-right leaf, turning into a cocoon. Once a moth, it sets off outside the shirt into a now-cool summer, casting a distant cyan shadow onto the garment as it does, pulling some water droplets off the plant with it.

Available in white, ecru neppy mandarine (pictured), and pale lemon.