I am currently seeking funds and donations for my next animated film, (working title:) "Greener Than Sprinkler Green".

Set in a postmodern future where meaning no longer exists, the 25-minute film follows Barb who descends into psychosis upon discovering their non-ironic gendered inclinations. Barb is then forced to reconstruct their world of meaning in order to come to terms with their self.

In the film, Barb and two other friends play a virtual dancing game, where they also play as androgynous cowboy-bandit-themed stripper characters. The goal of the game is to seduce the client (via hitting falling arrows to the music à la Dance Dance Revolution) in order to loot items from him. At the end of the game, the looted commodities will be converted into points, which can be used to purchase items such as clothing, skin changes, and body modification in the real world. The video attached is a glimpse of what I have managed to create so far — an introductory animated cut-scene played right before the game starts. This took about about 2.5 months.


As this is an entirely independent and solo production (I was behind every detail in the snippet, music and choreography included), I will require resources and a lot of time to produce a full 25-minute artifact, which are unobtainable on my own.

With the funds raised from this campaign, I will:
  1. Purchase a new computer: It took on average 4 hours to render each frame on my laptop. During this time, all my laptop's processing power was used to create this one image, which meant I couldn't work on anything else on my laptop but to wait it out, or risk crashing the machine. Investing in a computer cuts my render times down six-fold as it has more computational power. Plus, I get to continue working on my laptop.
  2. Invest in remote rendering: Google offers a paid online rendering service where one gets to send their renders to Google's computers for rendering. This will further reduce my render times, immensely.
  3. Possibly expand my team of one: As of right now I am completely working solo, which is partly why this film is taking so long. Realistically, I am considering hiring a few artists if I want to finish this 25-minute film within a timely manner.
  4. Be able to feed myself: If you like what you've seen from the snippet and would love to see where else I can take it, your donations will literally help keep me going.
As I am a citizen of a poopy country, film grants aren't available to me (especially for this type of film), and international funding is very limited. Hence, I will appreciate any contribution I can get from you as it is the only way to get this film funded. I am raising £10,000 for now to continue making this film, but I will take whatever I can get.

As my gratitude, I will send donors the full song in the snippet ("Some 24 Hours in the Desert") as well as various other surprises, so chip in and stay tuned!