Adult Swim | Off The Air, "Lunar Love & Ever"

"Lunar Love & Ever" animated short film for Adult Swim's "Off The Air" anthology series.
Episode curated and produced by Sophie Koko Gate.

2022.06.29    //    15th Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Žilina, Slovakia)
2022.06.18    //    Annecy International Animation Film Festival (Annecy, France)
2022.06.11    //    22nd deadCenter Film Festival (Oklahoma City, U.S.A.)
2022.06.10    //    69th Sydney Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
2022.03.31    //    Kaboom Animation Festival 2022 (Amsterdam, Holland)
2022.02.26    //    41st Brussels International Animation Film Festival (Brussels, Belgium)
2021.11.14    //    2021 Adult Swim Festival (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

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2 minutes
16:9, colour, stereo 48 kHz, no dialogue

A full moon keeps everyone awake, especially one moon-obsessed ladybird.